Sunday, March 7, 2010

Images from Evesham

This morning was very frosty but clear with a very bright blue sky. The images here were taken a short walk from the Travelodge along the river so not quite from the window (defeated in trying to make interesting picture of the Little Chef outside my window). The river reflected the sky to give a lovely range of colours in the first image. The dead grasses produced more muted colours in the second image.The Canada Geese flew past while I was photographing a couple of hot air balloons.The predominant tree is the Alder and I thought it made an interesting backdrop for the Wood Pigeon.


Ian Wilson said...

Those geese are too good be true - I'm sure you glued them in afterwards! ;-)

P.S. I'm really enjoying the "droopy trees" series...

Ann Miles said...

Left balloon and geese were in one frame and other balloon and geese in next so a bit of combining. The light was so clear that morning, it gives an unreal feel

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