Sunday, February 27, 2011

London in Monochrome

I had a bit of time today to process some of the London images from our visit in December and have put a new gallery on my website (Kensington area London). Now just need the time to print a few!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day in Cambridge

An enjoyable day showing Jan and Philip, visiting photographers from the Netherlands, round Cambridge. Thanks for the loan of a tripod to do the interior of Pembroke Chapel, one of the earliest Christopher Wren-designed buildings. Then a few images before I had to catch the bus home from a twilight shoot arranged for Advanced Photographers' new feature on Camera Clubs. It will be interesting to see what Nigel, Marcus and Sarah have produced for the article.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunny Day at Pensthorpe

A few images taken with that super lens of Bryan on a sunny Thursday at Pensthorpe. The depth of field on the Black-headed Gull is fairly shallow but I think it works for me with the eye, beak, legs and edge of tail in focus. The Bearded Tit had very unusal facial markings. The Smew had just surfaced from a dive - love the water shute on its tail. The final image is my favourite as I was delighted to see Bramblings at the bird feeders so even more delighted to get this action shot.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pensthorpe in the Rain

I had Pensthorpe completely to myself in the morning as it was raining and very chilly. The rain eased off over lunch so a few souls braved the reserve but by 3 pm heavy rain set in. I managed the iconic Bearded tit picture. The Lapwings show beautiful colours in dull light while the Long-tailed tit looked a bit bedraggled. The Falcated (?) Teal reveals the quality of Bryan's lens and it also makes flying bird photography possible in the low woodland light.

Lakenheath RSPB Reserve

Called in at Lakenheath on my way to lecture at Norwich. Bryan had kindly lent me his 300 2.8 lens. Unfortunately it rained for a while when I arrived and the light level remained very low. I liked the dynamic pose of the Great Tit and the Coots were in full aggressive mood. There were several Marsh Harriers around but all too distant so I decided to photograph just the reeds!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished Screen Print

This was the last week of my screen printing course and I am relatively happy with my final print although there are several improvements that I could have made.The misalignment of the three screens (mainly because the paper edges were not square has resulted in white edges on the trunk and movement in the branches both of which I like. The main problem is the overlapping of the colours at the edges of the images; this will make mounting a bit difficult as I would have liked to have left white round the print but may have to bring the mount right in.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying SilverFX

I have been trying out Silver FX, produced by Nik software, which is a very easy to use monochrome converter. I am very pleased with these pictures of Sadie.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Night Photography with IR

A couple of images taken with the IR camera. The first from our lane, which has no lighting and so gives a very evenly lit image except for the light spilling out from the back windows.
The second one is from the Travelodge window in Basildon - there appear to be a couple of UFO over the Liquid night club!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chippenham Park

This was our first but certainly not last visit to Chippenham Park to see their snowdrop display. Extensive gardens with a lot of interesting statues (subject for next blog). These were mainly taken with 100mm macro lens but the final one, which is my favourite, was with the 24mm TS lens.

More on the screen printing

Again a couple of weeks has passed on the screen printing, so I am recording details of the various stages to help future attemps.
The screen is attached to a small printing set up (the paper on the underside of the screen was only needed as this screen extended further than the other two separations). When the screen is lowered, it activates a vacuum pump that ensures contact between screen and paper during printing. The area of the vacuum bed that is not cover by the screen print is masked off with newsprint. Registration marks are placed on the bed so that each piece of paper is identically placed (nb make sure paper has exact corners). The first separation is then printed - I chose a transparent mid blue for the first screen. The ink is dragged across the screen by pulling the squeegee at 45 degrees to the screen. The screen is lifted and then the print area is flooded with ink by pushing the squeegee back.

To print the subsequent screens, it is necessary to align the registration marks correctly. To do this, tape down a piece of clean film over one of the orginal prints and print onto this. Then move paper around under the acetate till it is exactly in register and place the registration marks. Remove acetate.

I printed the second screen first all over with a transparent dark blue. Some work was then done with the blue filler to cover the nearest tree trunks and branches and with bleach to open up the sky ares. I then chose a transparent very diluted black (using 1 to 5 parts of black to extender) for the sky area (masked off the trees) and a more opaque grey (diluted white with extender) for the back trees and tops of branches.
All it needs now is the third (black separation) screen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wicken Fen

Despite the rain, we decided to go on our planned outing to Wicken Fen. There weren't many birds around - this rather sad-looking collered dove in the rain was about the best bird photo of the day but the sun came out later with great opportunities for abstracts, backlit reeds and a dramatic sunset.

Ann Miles Photography - My Favourite Images of the Past10 years or so