Sunday, December 31, 2017

Welney Trip December 29th - Best of the Rest

Due to the morning rain and poor light, we didn't get a lot of images at Welney of Friday but always lots to observe including a Marsh Harrier putting up the flock Black-tailed Godwits. The end of the afternoon gave some beautiful lighting for the swans and also to try some slow shutter ducks.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Whooper Swan Dispute at Welney Wildfowl Trust

As the weather forecast promised, the morning rain and heavy cloud cleared in the afternoon to give some beautiful late light. Here a dispute between two Whoopers. I like the audience in the first two images. Unfortunately my favourite image, the second one with the nip, does not have the focus in quite the right place but good enough to show the story line with the triumphant swan celebrating with its mate at the end.

Friday, December 29, 2017

London 10. Chrstmas Evening Walk Around Bloomsbury

We had a walk around the British Musem area after our Christmas supper - very few people around. I hadn't noticed in the daytime how many telephone boxes are still in use in London. We were apalled at the large number of rough sleepers in the area around Euston - many more than previously. As it was quiet we were able to use tripods giving good depths of field.

London 9. Christmas Day Morning Walk to Camden Lock

A very grey morning for our walk to Camden Lock and back along the tow path to King's Cross so images are very much a record to show the area when it is deserted rather than our previous visit when the Market was in full swing and the sun shone -
The Carreras Cigarette Factory is a large art deco building, an example of Egyptian Revival architecture. The building was erected in 1926-28 by the Carreras Tobacco Company and converted to offices in 1961. Always wondered where Mornington Crescent Station was - here with Top Man in his Santa Hat. Camden has the best Living Wall I have seen. The walk along the canal was quiet and King's Cross looked quite lonely all closed up.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

London 8. Piccadilly Transport

After a visit to the Cinema and a Chinese meal, we visited Piccadilly Circus to photograph the flow of people, bikes, cars, taxis and buses at this busy junction All images 1/15th sec with the first images a stack of six images.

Ann Miles Photography - My Favourite Images of the Past10 years or so