Friday, December 8, 2017

Tallinn 4. Linnahall - Concrete Appreciation Supreme (I)

The 22nd Summer Olympic Games were hosted in Moscow in 1980 and, as they had no venue suitable in Moscow, Tallinn was chosen as the water sports centre. The massive, 5,000 seat amphitheater was commissioned by the Soviet Union and showed the world their mastery over concrete-pouring! However,  after the Olympics, Estonia could not find a suitable regular use for the Hall and the poorly finished concrete is crumbling. The concert hall was last used in 2010. The city searched for investors from 2009-2015 and in 2015 Tallinn city council decided to renovate Linnahall; plans are expected to be finalized in 2017 with renovation and construction planned for 2018-2019. So this may be the last time the exterior can be explored, which was one reason I was keen to come to Tallinn at this time. 
Here some wide angle views - some details will follow in a second post.

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