Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cologne and Home

We had about an hour to look round the Cathedral and Bridge areas of Cologne having passed through Frankfurt and then along the Rhine. Image 2 shows view from our hotel in Nurembourg - quite an interesting view.  The penultimate image is of  the train toilet - 'La Joconde, Musee du Loo-vre' and finally us on the battlements in Nurembourg to prove we were there.!!.

Afternoon in Nuremberg

We arrived early afternoon in Nuremberg and walked into town to sample this Medieval City. It has many bridges and squares and some of these still had Christmas Markets. The modern sculpture, Ship of Fools, by Jurgen Weber in 1987 appealed to me for its inscription making an appeal against environmental destruction, war and violence. The sculpture is based on Albrecht Dürer's woodcut illustrating the 1497 edition of Das Narrenschiff by Sebastian Brant. It depicts a boat - a nutshell with two fools masks at front and rear - as a metaphor for the threatened world. After visiting a couple of churches we walked up to the Castle and took in the view over the city including the semicircular Congress Hall - never fully completed as part of the Nazi Rally Ground area -now a museum.

Vienna Day Part 3

This last post from Vienna shows images from around the Hofberg Palace and St Stephans Square as night comes and with it fog. My favourite was the first image taken of a lady who had lost her dog (we eventually found it) taken with a 12mm Samyang Fisheye which is sharp centrally but falls off a bit at the edges giving a great effect for night photography. I loved the way in images 6 and 7 the colour palette matches so well - everyone in red or yellow - no green or blue to spoil the harmony. Next stop Nurembourg for one night then a short break midjourney in Cologne and home.

Vienna Day Part 2

We got to the Parliament Building in time for a few shots of the very ornate statues before the sun started to set. Next was the Rathaus and the Hofberg Theatre - you can see from the clock on the tower that the shots cover 30 mins - in that time it went from daylight to dusk and gave some great opportunities as the lights came on always a shame it doesn't last longer. More dusk shots to follow in part 3. (We are now back in the UK so will attempt to complete the tour photos in the next day or two!)


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