Friday, March 19, 2010

Images from Bath

Just to show I didn't restrict myself totally to the Fisheye - I had a 50mm lens with me as well. I hoped to find more chair pictures but these were the only two that appealed. I liked the row of red chairs just waiting for someone to visit them.

This single chair abandonned outside a warehouse has a continental feel to it. Looks hot and sunny but was actually quite chilly.

They are rebuilding the lower part of Bath near the Bus and Railway station and have completed the first phase. So far they have created an attractive area by using pale stone and very traditional shaped arcades. It will be interesting to revisit when the next phase is completed later in the year

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Sue B-H said...

This lower arcade image reminds me strongly of a photograph of the Agora in Athens which Bruce Stuart and I each took, quite independently.

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