Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tallin: Panoramas and Aerial Views

I had three different length lenses with me in Tallin but tried only to use one for a session. I often found the lens was not wide enough for the view I wanted to capture so I resorted to multiple images, which I then Photomerged as panoramas in Lightroom. I was surprised what an excellent job it did with the 26 landscape mode images in 9 rows of three (one wouldn't align) to create the first image. The second is 10 vertical shots across a view. The remaining are aerial shots on our flight home yesterday to show how compact Old Tallin is as a city and also to remind me of places I might like to include on a future visit. The last image shows Väike-Õismäe, a subdistrict with an oval shape, built in the 1970s (architect Mart Port - also designed the WWII memorial at Maarjamae). 

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