Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Website Redesign

After many years with Slawko Websites, my reason for having a website has changed as I no longer hold Exhibitions or spend time promoting my art work. My requirement is now to sort and categorise my previous photos, to have a platform for new work and to share my images with the community. I have started working on my new website and trying out various methods for sharing my images. The front end is a free site from Blogger and I was hoping to use FlikR where I already have albums of nature and sport images. However, although you can create hierarchical albums, there is no navigation structure to explore just these. Once any album is opened, then the only supplied 'Back' option is to All My Albums. I am still trying to work out how to best display images. This is with a another (small fee) image-hosting company. Any suggestions welcome!

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