Saturday, July 6, 2019

Infrared at Stowe Gardens NT

Yesterday, Jonathan ran an RPS outing to Stowe Gardens with infrared photography as one of the topics. I have two infrared digital cameras - an ancient EOS 1D mark II which is heavy to carry but produces beautiful sharp gentle images. My travel infrared is a Sony RX100 which I am still exploring to produce the most reliable results. I loaned it out for some of the time. Here a variety of effects that these cameras can produce. The first four images are from the Sony - I take both RAW and jpeg, the latter having creative style Autumn leaves which gives an interesting hue to the image as in the first image, the second is a monochrome conversion from RAW, the third, the water lilies, is a JPEG from the Sony with a bit of colour enhancement, and the fourth Channel Swopped to give blue sky etc . The other six images are from the Canon Raw (I have not included any monochrome conversions here). The first three images show the results of different profiles created to convert the Raw to a suitable spectrum for adjustment. My favourite is the daisies image - I always like the soft blue images obtained in shade or dull conditions. The last three are Channel swopped etc!

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