Friday, February 1, 2019

Revisiting the Barbican Development after 45 years!

On Wednesday, some CCC members made a trip to photograph the architecture in the Barbican area of London. It had the added interest for me that my parents bought a flat 33 floors up in the Cromwell Tower soon after it was built in 1973. I wished that I had taken photographs of the view at that time from the flat - certainly I remember that St Pauls dominated the skyline and none of the subsequent buildings of theatre, museum etc were present. In the view from the Tate looking towards the Barbican with its three Towers, Cromwell Tower is the one on the right now completely surrounded by city office blocks etc. The second image is the painting from the front of the Brochure produced in the 1970s to sell the flats. A resident told me the flats are now worth over £ 2million pounds - what an investment that would have been had they kept the flat as they would probably have paid around £10,000 for it.

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