Wednesday, January 23, 2019

More About the Husky Trip and Jokkmokkguiderna

The visit to Jokkmokkguiderna was one of the highlights of our trip. Matti and Stina run the kennel with approx 45 Siberian Huskies, which they breed and generally keep for their entire life. They become their partners and fellow workers in their daily life. Sometimes they buy dogs for breeding from other kennels to keep the Siberian Husky blood lines healthy. They need to be able to
love the life, be friendly, be able to run at a good speed and manage the challenges that life in the wilderness demands. To work in front of the sled is what they love most.
It is really important that members of the pack can socialize with each other without any tensions. The humans and the adult dogs work together so that the young dogs become a part of the pack. Matti and Stina are the leaders of the pack and stand higher above all the dogs, which are more or less at the same level in the hierachy. They are not allowed to be aggressive or start fights.  The result is a calm and harmonious dog pack that never has to be afraid of being attacked. They know that we as leaders handle the conflicts in the group.

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