Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bus Shelters - A Study of Diversity

I revisited a topic that has been a long-term project and decided to look at a few local Cambridgeshire examples. Here some grab shots on my infrared  compact camera in a jpeg mode - not sure about the bicolour effect it produced. I will revisit these with better equipment  but they serve to show the enormous diversity of design. 
To quote a very informative article on bus shelters:-
A good bus shelter is an essential part of any successful urban mass-transit system. What constitutes "good," however, depends upon your point of view. From the perspective of the city agency that is responsible for its management, a good shelter is one that has low maintenance requirements and is vandal-resistant. From the rider's point of view, an ideal shelter is one that allows visibility and easy access to the bus, is comfortable and convenient, provides clear information, and is safe.


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