Thursday, May 18, 2017

36 Degrees in Alonnisos, Greece and Overcast

The day started with a soft dawn leading to a very hot day in this Greek Island on the 13th May. We spent the morning on the old Donkey Path that leads from the Old Town (damaged in an earthquake in the 1960s) to the new port and town. Insect images to follow as this was our main focus. We then went to Steni Vala, a beautiful bay for lunch - you can see how crowded it is with our car the only one parked. Following this we attempted to find the lake marked on the map but after a number of 'off-road' excursions we ended up at Geraka Bay - definitely the end of the road. A few scenic shots and also the two Lizards seen - one the common Wall Lizard but not sure of other found in the pine woods

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