Friday, December 16, 2016

Fen Drayton Pits in the Gloom - Experiments of Fuji Raw Processing

We visited Fen Drayton RSPB Reserve yesterday afternoon when the light was very poor so 3200 ISO was the minimum. For my own future information, some results on using different Raw conversion recipes. I have been trialling the Phase One software as this has the best reviews for processing Fuji XT-2 files. In the images of Redwing and Fieldfare (of which there were hundreds at FD!) the Capture One conversion is first and ACR (Lightroom) second. For the Marsh Harrier, I show the  Capture One, then  ACR conversion, and finally with Nik Define used for Noise Reduction (the best result possibly for this image). Only real conclusion is that it depends on the paricular problem in the image and how much time to invest in processing. Certainly Capture One does a routinely better job on most files against straight ACR processing but the latter combined with Nik Define and Sharpening may well match it in most cases.

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