Thursday, June 23, 2016

Testing Macro Kit for Switzerland

 Although the Canon 5D mkiii with Canon 100 mm macro with small flash is an excellent combination for macro photography and served me well in Sardinia, it is heavy to transport and carry. I also no longer have a general purpose lens for the Canon. As I replaced the stolen Canon gear with a range of Fuji lenses, I have been testing to see if I would prefer to take just Fuji to Wengen. I want to be able to carry a long lens for distant insects etc and a closer macro. The first five images are with the Zeiss 50mm Touit lens and in-camera flash with the XT-10. The 6th is with the 40-150mm alone on the XT-1 and the last two with the 1.4 times converter added (with external flash gun). Taken in the evening so ISO3200 for first few. Flash OK as long as not directly onto background!

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