Friday, February 5, 2016

Beechwood Hanger in the Rain

Although raining fairly heavily, Jane and I decided on a walk in the Beechwoods off Wort's Causeway to try a bit of creative camera movement and double exposures. The woods are incredibly green with moss and lichen after all the rain and the mild winter. Unfortunately the afternoon ended with the discovery that my car had been broken into and the my Canon camera gear (taken just the Fuji), laptop etc had all been stolen from the boot. As I was on my way back from a lecturing 'tour' I had more with me than usual though everything of value was stowed in the boot. However, there is always access via the back seats. A reason to have a saloon not hatchback next time! To add to the problems of sorting it out, my passport, marriage certificate and various other official documents were in the boot as I had been to the bank to help sort out a locked Camera Club account on Tuesday before leaving for Yorkshire.

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