Saturday, March 31, 2012

Victorian Torquay

The Pavilion
In 1896, a competition was organised for designs for a pavilion. Edward Richards won the prize but work did not commence till 1911, some 20 years after the idea of a pavilion had first been discussed and ten years after they had been agreed. It was formerly opened in August 1912 and was popular till 1970s when it was scheduled for demolition. However was saved and is a Class II* listed building and today has a shopping centre and cafes. It presents a mixture of Victorian overindulgence and Edwardian grace and splendour.

The Princess Gardens' Fountain 
Princess Gardens in Torquay, opened in 1894,  were named after Princess Louise, the daughter of Queen Victoria, who visited the town on 6 May 1890. The gardens were designed in a typical Victorian style with elaborate fountains and ornate shelters. The gardens have lawns and large flowerbeds and also include palm trees that were imported from New Zealand. The fountain was produced by the Saracen Foundry in Glasgow to pattern used in many others gardens eg Hartlepool, Raffles Hotel Singapore.

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