Sunday, January 1, 2012

St Petersburg - Romantic City

As you can see, my main reason for the trip, to photograph St Petersburg in the snow, has failed but it is still a beautiful city even on a grey overcast day. Romance is everywhere - both in the architecture and with the many bridal couples around the city. They have a civil marriage (maybe also a religious service) and then they take to the streets visiting all the main sites in the city's history for photos. At some stage they attach a padlock to a bridge (or tree in Moscow) and throw the key into the river so their union cannot be broken (well that is the theory).

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Tricia said...

Lovely shots again Ann Thanks so much for the goose steppers!! I was amazed with the interior of the Hermitage and at just how close anyone was allowed to get to the paintings. Apparently in the winter months when St Petersburg is under thick snow (!!) everyone walks around the Hermitage on a Sunday afternoon for their constitutional Sunday exercise. It's 5 miles in total if you do all the galleries!!

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