Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainbow, Full Moon and Beach Huts

A sequence of images from a late afternoon visit to those Beach Huts. Beauriful sunny scene when we arrived and then the storm clouds came. End of Pier image has no HDR processing - the clouds reminded me of the images of hurricanes approaching in USA. No rain came until after a visit to the Fishing huts and then only enough to give a rainbow over the Beach Huts. To finish the unreal scene, a full moon was present just above the horizon - you can just see it in the centre of the bow.
The clouds disappeared and the moon gave lovely lighting on the water.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely set Ann, our coast is as good as anywhere in the world for interest, if not weather. A perfect day for you, 3 icons in one shot.
Just remembered my Murmuration above West Pier, shall have to print that.

Hope the CCC is going well, with lots of enthusiastic new members.

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