Thursday, June 18, 2020

Introducing the Hosebaby for Clean Images

Those following my blog will know that I have been building a variety of experimental lenses and set-ups over our period of confinement from reversed lenses for macro, coupled lenses for ultramacro to pinholes for that softer look. Here I introduce you to a clean (and very much cheaper!) version of the Lensbaby. It feature a small length of hose from a dead vacuum cleaner and an old 50 mm plastic kit lens from Canon. The kit is shown at the end (as the hose is transparent it needs a black cloth sleeve to keep out extraneous light. The hose allows variable extension of the lens but, as it can also move sideways or up and down, you can get some interesting effects, especially with wildlife - hence the speeding snail! I don't promise but this is probably the last of the contraptions (unless another household gadgets dies!)

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moorejphotography said...

You are so inventive 😊

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