Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fowlmere - a Miscellany from Bees to Cockerel

A mixed bag of snaps from Fowlmere including a bee swarm in a willow - in fact there were two swarms in the same tree. A very confiding warbler allowed some good shots - although it didn't sing, I am sure this was a Willow Warbler with the pronounced eye stripe and supercilium and the paler legs  (compare to photo of a know Chiffchaff). I also managed a photographic glimpse of a Cetti's Warbler as it hopped around the undergrowth while the Long-tailed Tit happily displayed. As usual the only abundant birds were Grey Lag Geese with a few Canada Geese looking great among the emerging reeds and two very noisy cockerels.


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