Sunday, September 4, 2016

Erddig House, Well Worth Saving after Subsidence

This palatial 1720s house near Wrexham has magnificent state rooms, comprehensive servants quarters, Chinese wallpapers, and exquisite furnishings.  The house was passed down through the Yorke family until March 1973, when it was given to the National Trust. This followed the collapse several years earlier of a shaft from the nearby coal mine (Bersham colliery) under the house, causing subsidence of 1.5 m, which seriously affected the structural security of the house to the extent that, without suitable underpinning, it would have become a ruin. It was strengthened using compensation of £120,000  from the National Coal Board. The restoration was completed on 27 June 1977. Outside there are stables, coach-house, smithy and joiners' shop illustrating estate life. The 18th century gardens are set around a canal, and there is a parterre and a yew walk. The grounds include woodlands and a cylindrical waterfall.
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