Monday, April 18, 2016

Focus Stacking

On Sunday, CCC had a focus-stacking day to share ideas and try some techniques. I am still experimenting but have settled with Zerene Stacker for my Software as it plugs in well to Lightroom and processes the images quickly and is pretty accurate. I shoot at 2.8 either on a focus rail as in the first image or using a rapid burst during which I move the manually focussed camera forward through the object keeping same focus. The first pair shows a focus-stacked image at 2.8 and the same insects at f22 to show why I use the wide aperture (to ensure an out-of-focus background). Others are examples of moving with the camera find I need to move more slowly as there are gaps in focussed areas of the photos. Zerene makes it very easy to retouch the photos.

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