Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ploumanac'h, Brittany

The area where we are staying is known as the Pink Granite Coast, because of the colour of its rocks. It is one of the most beautiful stretches of Brittany’s coastline. The walk from Ploumanac'h to Perros Guirec is renowned for its unusual rock formations, all with names (I found a face and a poodle!), the Lighthouse, Chapel and views. We parked early at Ploumanac'h and started the walk. Unfortunately a very heavy rainstorm arrived and, despite sheltering in the rock formations, we got so wet we needed to return to the town for a coffee and a tryout. Eventually coffee was found and we then restarted the walk. The little coves and the fantastic rock formations make an enjoyable stroll. However, the area is so popular that we found it impossible to find anywhere not full or ridiculously expensive for lunch so had to cut short the visit. 

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