Monday, July 8, 2013

Toft Time Team Day Two

 Sunday, day two of the archaelogical dig in our village, was even hotter but this did not deter the 11 teams from continuing the search with more digging, sieving, advice, sympathy and mobile refreshments. Alex, one of the two archaeologists from Cambridge University, inspects the contents of a core down deeper into a pit. Then it is time to measure the depth, bury something in the pit - preferably a coin rather than a child, fill in the hole, replace the turfs and write up final records before leaving the sites and congregating in the church for tea and cakes, final sorting under supervision of Kath, the other archaeologist, and debriefing. We were told that finds included a lot of Victorian, Mediaeval and possibly AngloSaxon pottery. We await the final results.

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