Friday, May 14, 2010

Photographing Nightingales

Continuing the theme of why I like to photograph, here is a series of Nightingale pictures taken this year on subsequent visits to Paxton. The first image has appeared on the Blog before in the Dawn Chorus entry - it was the best shot I could get that day in dull conditions and not knowing the best locations for photography.

On a second quick visit one evening when returning home down the A1, I found a very good area for photographing where the bird perched to sing very much in the open. The evening light was beautiful but did create a harsh shadow across the tail so another visit was required!

By the next visit a few days later, the number of singing birds had diminshed and they were singing less often but I did manage a sharp image in mottled sunlight.

The final (?) visit yesterday to the same area produced some wonderful views - still not perfect as there are branches across the tail in one and a rather bland background in the other. Perhaps another visit is required - so photography becomes an excuse to return several times and experience the wonderful song of this amazing bird.

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